why are flights so expensive


why are flights so expensive

Flights can be expensive due to several factors. Let’s delve into why airfares are currently on the higher side:

  1. Higher Demand Leads to Fewer Cheap Flights:
    • Flight prices follow the basic principles of supply and demand. When more people want to fly, airlines can charge higher prices. Conversely, when fewer travelers seek tickets, airlines reduce prices to attract more passengers.
    • Factors affecting travel demand include:
      • Pandemic Restrictions: Travel restrictions during the pandemic influenced demand.
      • Weather: Adverse weather conditions and different seasons impact travel.
      • Natural Disasters: Events like natural disasters affect travel patterns.
      • Large-Scale Events: Major events can increase or decrease demand.
    • Despite high demand, you can still find affordable airfares by being ready to purchase tickets when flight schedules are released or acting swiftly. Tools like Going.com can help you discover incredible flight deals for both domestic and international travel.
  2. Jet Fuel Prices Impact Ticket Prices:
    • Airlines incur significant costs for operating flights, including jet fuel expenses. These costs are then passed on to customers through ticket prices.
  3. Business Travelers Influence Flight Prices:
    • Business travelers often pay higher fares due to their flexibility and willingness to book closer to departure dates.
    • Airlines adjust prices based on the mix of leisure and business travelers.
  4. Avoiding Airspace Makes Airline Tickets More Expensive:
    • Some airlines avoid certain airspace due to geopolitical reasons or safety concerns. This can lead to longer flight paths and higher fuel costs, affecting ticket prices.
  5. Airline Industry Competition Leads to the Lowest Fares:
    • Intense competition among airlines can result in lower fares.
    • Budget carriers often offer competitive prices.
  6. Domestic Flights May Be Cheaper Than International Flights:
    • Domestic routes may have more competition, leading to lower prices.
    • International flights involve longer distances and additional costs.
  7. Inflation:
    • General inflation affects all goods and services, including air travel.
  8. Shortage of Airline Staff:
    • Staff shortages due to various reasons (pandemic, retirements, etc.) impact airline operations and costs.

How to Save Money on Airfare Costs:

  1. Use tools like Skyscanner and Going.com to find cheap fares.
  2. Consider basic economy fares.
  3. Compare budget airlines to major carriers carefully.
  4. Opt for layovers and avoid peak travel times.

Remember, understanding these dynamics can help you make informed choices and find more affordable flight options. Safe travels! ✈️🌎