What Things Must To Do in Johor Bahru Malaysia


It’s a great way for people to escape the city, whether you are looking to go on a day trip or a weekend getaway to Johor. Johor offers a wide range of activities, sights, and experiences that are sure to delight any Singaporean.

Johor is a great place to shop till you ache and enjoy rich cultural experiences as well as delicious local cuisine. Here are 10 day trips to Johor for those who have the time.

1. Enjoy the culture of Malay Cultural Village

Visit to the Malay Cultural Village, Jalan Mohamad amin, will give you more insight into Malayan heritage. There are many activities available, including workshops on Batik painting and pewter molding demonstrations. (Fun fact: Malaysia’s pewter industry is well-known. Royal Selangor, a Malaysian pewter manufacturer, was founded in 1885.

2. Legoland Malaysia: Putting it all together

Legoland Malaysia is a fantastic place to spend a day. Legoland Malaysia is a theme park that features all things Lego. It’s a great choice if you want to have unadulterated fun. No matter what age you are, the park offers many exciting rides and entertainment shows.

If you feel the heat, head over to Legoland Waterpark next door. We’re almost tempted by the Legoland Waterpark, which offers over 20 water slides and a river that you can make your own raft to glide down. There are also water playgrounds where kids can splash around.

If you’re too tired to travel to Singapore, the Legoland Hotel is a great option. You can stay the night in Lego-themed rooms.

3. Rediscover a forgotten era in Old Johor

Jalan Tan Hiok Nae, an old-fashioned place in Johor Bahru that is filled with history and antiques, would suit you if you are a nostalgic person who enjoys old things. You can enjoy authentic Malaysian food, prepared with traditional recipes, in charming old cafes or quaint hawker stands.

Ehhe is an art gallery/cafe, where you can have a bite to eat while admiring local artwork. Or, try your hand at Chinese chess on the street. However, we cannot guarantee a win.

4. Find out more about large birds

Ostriches in Malaysia? Really? This large bird is usually associated with Africa. However, it’s only 2 hours from Singapore that you will find one of the largest Ostriches farms Malaysia. The Desaru Ostrich farm has over 100 ostriches. It will educate as well as entertain. You can learn about the breeding process and take a photo. Ostrich-inspired food can be purchased as souvenirs.

5. At the harbor, let your hair down

Little Red Cube in Puteri Harbour is a popular spot for locals who want to relax over the weekend. Little Red Cube, which boasts stunning views of the Straits of Johor and many international bars, coffee shops, and restaurants, is almost an all-encompassing development. It’s also a shopping and entertainment centre for children, featuring the first Hello Kitty Town in South East Asia as well as an indoor theme park called The Little Big Club.

6. Hiking is a great way to burn calories

After being closed for two years, the trails at Bukit Timah Natural Reserve in Singapore were reopened recently. Nature lovers and hikers alike have made the trek across the causeway from Gunung Pulai during this time. Gunung Pulai is almost four times taller than Bukit Timah Hill. There are at least three waterfalls. This makes it a great place to spend a whole day exploring. Be comfortable and bring water. Even if you choose the tarmac road, the hike up and down is still about 10km.

7. Get romantic

Danga Bay, a waterfront area in Johor is one of the largest recreation parks. It is located near Jalan Skudai and offers a variety of activities for all ages, including a petting area for children, high-end shopping, fine dining options and a lively nightlife. Danga Bay is the perfect place for romantic evenings. Even a dinner cruise on the Danga Cruise 8 is possible. It plies the Straits of Johor. Enjoy a buffet of all the food you can while taking in the views and stars.

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