Mountain Biking Guide: All You Need To Know

Mountain Biking

Purchasing a bicycle can be daunting, especially if there are a lot of options available in the market. With the plethora of brands present in the market, the act of shortlisting the perfect bike becomes a challenge. Before you go ahead with a single mountain bike, a lot of aspects need to be considered. These include the frame, geometry, suspension, gears, tyres and many more.

Well, the list is unending. In our endeavor to support you through the process, we will explain how to pick the perfect bike for yourself by avoiding oversights, doing your bit of research, and finally, selecting the right brand. If we have to select a brand, and you, too, are looking for one that will cater to your cycling needs, Avon Cycles offers the best mountain bikes, which are high-quality and well-designed. Further, Avon’s MTB cycles are perfectly sized bicycles available online. They are epitomized for their superior technology, and well known for their ability to make cycling a much more safe and enjoyable experience. 

A few factors, apart from the below-mentioned points, which need thorough attention are bicycle durability, fantastic longevity, and high comfort. Ultimately, it must make purchasing mountain bikes online worth the effort. 

Frame Of Your MTB Bike

The frame material of your mountain bicycle has to be highly durable which provides maximum strength. Materials like steel, which are on the top for strength, however, tend to add a lot of weight to the bicycle. Such arduous weight can be difficult to manage on tough terrains, especially the mountains. Other materials like titanium and carbon fiber too are known to make mountain bikes much more durable and increase their longevity. However, these materials are not as cost-effective as steel. It is recommended that the most commonly used material that does well with bicycles and MTB cycles is aluminium alloy, which is super strong, lightweight, and fits the parameters of a good cycle frame. 

In addition to the above, try to go for a full suspension frame, which will give you better stability while climbing and descending varied terrains, as well as give you better traction and comfort. 


Tyres are what get your bicycle moving. They are what your bikes would run on, so if you’re going to the mountains, your bicycle has to have better grip and traction. So, when you are purchasing a bike, look for the tread. Tread, basically, is how the rubber on the circumference of the tyre makes contact with the ground. It is usually recommended to use high-traction tyres to ensure that your MTB bike has a solid grip on the ground. This will ensure that your MTB bike has a firm grip when you’re cycling in the mountains. A few crucial factors you must check before you change a tyre or get a new bicycle include wheel size and tyre width, compound choice, rolling resistance, grip and TPI (Threads Per Inch). 

Speed And Gears

The speed and gear of your MTB bike have to be chosen carefully. It must be picked depending on the terrain you plan to cycle on. Furthermore, if you are looking for bicycles for steep terrains, you can also consider bicycles that have a large number of gears, which MTB bikes definitely possess. On the other hand, bicycles for the flat terrains have fewer gears. These bicycles, however, cannot be used for complex surfaces and can only be used to ride on the flatter terrain and even the city streets. 


The suspension system in the MTB bikes has variations. It can either be rigid, hardtail, or full suspension. In a full suspension system, both the front and rear wheels have them, which means it is a great choice for someone looking to ride off-terrain destinations and rocky mountainous roads. On the other hand, the rigid suspension mountain bikes do not possess any suspension. They possess thick tyres to absorb shocks and offer safe riding on rocky terrains. 

Bicycle Size

A major aspect of the bike, which you can’t really ignore, is the size of the bicycle. When it comes to MTB bikes, you cannot simply rely on little or no information. It is always recommended that the size of the bicycle must correspond to the rider’s height. If your feet stand flat on the ground while straddling, the bicycle is definitely your perfect fit. No matter, how minor the bicycle size may seem, it surely plays a key role in defining your experience when on the ride. As mentioned, once all the crucial factors fall in place, you can ride confidently and have a heartfelt experience on the cycling expedition. 

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